Why Pikamoon Will Pump Faster Than Solana in 2023 – Get Ready Now!


• Solana is a modern blockchain that differs significantly from the Bitcoin network.
• It uses modified cryptographic algorithms to create a fast and scalable blockchain.
• The crypto token that runs on Solana’s blockchain is called Solana (SOLUSD) with the ticker symbol SOL.

Solana Price Prediction

Solana is one of the newer Blockchains but has gained mainstream acceptance within a short time. Since its launch in 2017, it has grown astronomically, with its market cap reaching $66 billion at one point, making it the 5th largest crypto. At the time of compiling this article, Solana is selling for $20.80 according to data sourced from Coinmarketcap. Coincodex gives their Solana prediction for this year to be bearish in the first few months of the year before we start seeing green candles.

Pikamoon Pumping Faster Than Solana?

Although Solana is primed to have a good run this year, there are other cryptos on the horizon which could pump faster than it – namely Pikamoon according to early reports. This crypto promises investors faster pumping and better returns in 2023 than what they could get from investing in Solana during that same period.


It’s clear that blockchain technology has come a long way since 2009 when Bitcoin was first introduced as a decentralized digital currency, and now provides several services which help meet the needs of ever increasing network users. As far as cryptocurrencies go, investors need to tread carefully as market conditions can change quickly and unpredictably but if predictions hold true then investing in Pikamoon should yield better returns than investing in Solana this year.

Key Takeaways

• Blockchain technology has evolved significantly since 2009 when Bitcoin was first introduced as a decentralized digital currency
• The crypto token running on solanas’s blockchain is called solan (SOLUSD) with ticker symbol SOL
• According to early reports, pikamoon will pump faster this year than solanas • Market conditions can change quickly and unpredictably so investors need to tread carefully