Shape the Cartesi Ecosystem: Join the Community Grants Program

• Cartesi has launched a Community Grants Program to fund developers to help build and expand the Cartesi ecosystem.
• The program is designed to provide financial as well as technical and strategic advice to ensure the success of projects within the Cartesi system.
• The launch of the Program also ushers in a new governance function for CTSI token, allowing community members to signal approval or disapproval of grant proposals.

Cartesi Launches Community Grants Program

Cartesi (an application-specific rollup execution layer with a Linux runtime) has recently announced its Community Grants Program for developers looking to get their ideas off the ground and become part of an expanding ecosystem. The goal is to provide these developers with financial support, as well as technical and strategic advice that will help them achieve their goals within the Cartesi system.

CTSI Token Governance Function

The launch of this program also marks a new era for CTSI token governance, giving community members an opportunity to voice opinion on proposed grants and influence what gets funded on Cartesi technology. It allows community members to easily connect with builders in the Cartesi ecosystem, potentially collaborating independently with any project that is being built or funded through this program.

Request For Proposals (RFPs)

In addition to developers submitting their own ideas, the Cartesi Foundation will periodically publish Requests for Proposals (RFPs) in order to invite applications for projects they believe are particularly relevant and impactful towards their mission. This provides additional opportunities for those interested in making a difference within this developing ecosystem while getting rewarded financially at the same time.

What Is Cartesi?

Cartesi Rollups is an application-specific execution layer which creates decentralized Linux runtimes that allow developers to launch highly scalable rollup chains while coding decentralized logic using whatever language or software components they prefer. This makes it easier for developers who have an idea but need some extra help taking it off the ground by providing them with invaluable advice from peers within the community itself.


The Community Grants Program from Cartesi is designed specifically with Web3 enthusiasts in mind, providing them with an opportunity not just financially but also strategically so that their projects can become part of one of today’s most promising ecosystems, bringing about real change all around us by leveraging blockchain technology in innovative ways!