Pick Up Trash NFTs and Help WWF Save the World!

• Polygon has announced a partnership with WWF Deutschland and Savespecies to launch SaveYour.World, a collaborative metaverse on the Polygon network.
• This new virtual world was designed to motivate people to do something about the crisis of trash and plastics getting into the sea.
• It will also allow players to effect change in real life by removing real trash from the oceans when they purchase “trash NFTs”.

Polygon Partners with WWF

Polygon has partnered with WWF Deutschland and Savespecies to launch SaveYour.World, a collaborative metaverse on the Polygon network. The mission of this hybrid metaverse is to motivate people around the world to help remove plastic waste from our oceans through “play-to-donate” initiatives and purchasing “trash NFTs” that can be redeemed for real-world cleanups.

WWF’s #OceanDetox Project

The #OceanDetox project is an effort by WWF Deutschland in collaboration with Savespecies to raise awareness about ocean pollution and create solutions for it. Moving onto the Polygon network is part of their effort to explore blockchain technology and Web3 solutions that could potentially address some of the most difficult environmental challenges facing our planet today.

Trash NFTs

The “trash NFTs” are tokens that players can earn or purchase within SaveYour.World that they can then use to redeem for real-world cleanups in any environment–from Arctic locations like SaveYour.World, all the way down forests near them! This incentivizes players to join forces in helping protect our environment through real actions by connecting digital worlds with physical ones.

Polygon’s Commitment To Climate Solutions

In addition to partnering up with WWF, Polygon Labs have committed themselves even further in exploring blockchain technology and Web3 solutions for addressing climate challenges at a critical juncture—even going as far as offsetting emissions from their public chain last year! They have also commissioned research by scrutinizing Layer 1 and Layer 2 dynamics between blockchain networks in order to understand emissions better which eventually led them towards working together with WWF Deutschland on this project.


Through this collaboration between Polygon and WWF Deutschland, we are one step closer towards tackling global environmental issues such as ocean pollution through innovative blockchain technologies like Web3 applications, tokenized assets, transparency features, etc., while providing incentives such as Trash NFTs so people can take part in protecting our natural resources!