MOOKY Raises $900K: Unite to Restore Nature with Memecoins!

• Memecoin Mooky has raised $900,000 ahead of its final presale phase.
• Mooky aims to support the environment through a major tree-planting campaign.
• It also features zero tax and low slippage, providing ample incentives for traders to get involved.

Memecoin MOOKY Raises $900,000 Ahead of Its Final Presale Stage

Mooky has raised $900,000 ahead of its final presale phase in preparation for a major tree-planting campaign focused on increasing awareness about global environmental challenges and providing real-world solutions. The project aims to raise enough funds to sustain an extensive reforestation initiative in key locations around the world while donating money to charities working towards sustainable causes.

Zero Tax and Low Slippage

In addition to the tree-planting campaign, Mooky provides crypto holders with incentives such as zero tax and low slippage, making it more attractive for traders. The token is based on a mythical land called Pygmy which had abundant vegetation and wildlife before settlers destroyed the environment. Monkeys living there united under the leadership of Mooky to restore nature peacefully.

NFTs Connected To Trees Planted In Real World

To increase participation from community members, 1,000 NFTs have been created each linked with trees planted in the real world. Holders can access exclusive rewards and events by joining Ventures Club set up by Mooky team. With five days left in the presale stage of $MOOKY token , there is still time available for everyone interested to join this project which combines memes and nature together .


MOOKY is a community driven initiative launched in 2023 that specializes in digital innovation merging with positive impact on environment . The project stands as a symbol of creativity using digital assets like tokens , NFTs etc and makes donations towards global tree planting efforts .


Overall , Memecoin MOOKY offers an interesting combination of meme coins along with environmental initiatives . The project looks forward for community participation through ventures club offering exclusive rewards & events accompanied by zero tax & low slippage benefits hence appealing crypto holders who are looking out for upside potential in such projects .