Make 5,000% Gains this Year: Invest in BabyDoge or Pikamoon?

• This article compares the investing potential of BabyDoge and a new memecoin, Pikamoon.
• BabyDoge has improved significantly since its launch and could give investors 500-600% gains this year.
• On the other hand, Pikamoon is an RPG game that offers offline and online gaming modes with handsome rewards for players.

Investing in Crypto: BabyDoge vs Memecoin

The crypto space is filled with opportunities for investors to make huge returns on their investments. In this article, we will compare two such projects – BabyDoge and an upcoming memecoin – to see which can yield better returns on a $1000 investment.

BabyDoge: A Deflationary Token with Potential 500-600% Gains

BabyDoge is one of Dogecoin’s successors that has remained popular among crypto investors looking for quick returns. The project has seen significant improvements since its launch, such as introducing decentralised swaps and NFTs. Additionally, it is hyper-deflationary, reducing supply while rewarding users who hold the token over time. Market analysts predict that if the crypto market remains balanced, it could yield up to 600% return before December 2021 on a $1000 investment.

Pikamoon: An RPG Game That Could Give 5,000% Returns

Pikamoon is an innovative RPG game where players can have fun in the metaverse while getting rewarded handsomely for their efforts. Not only does it offer both offline and online gaming modes but also delivers maximum value to players by providing them with lucrative rewards over time. If you invest $1,000 in PIKA today, market analysts believe you could get up to 5,000% return before Christmas!

Which Should You Invest In?

Both these crypto projects offer immense gain potentials if you are willing to take risks associated with investing in memecoins or tokens. However, each investor should decide based on their own risk appetite (high/low) as well as research into the project they want to invest in before putting money behind it.


Both BabyDoge and Pikamoon have great earning potentials this year if you are lucky enough (or wise enough) to pick them at the right moment! Whether you choose one or both depends entirely on your own risk preference and knowledge of the project itself; however either way you should expect impressive returns before 2021 comes to an end!