Dogecoin Soars as Elon Musk Adds it to Twitter Homepage!

• Dogecoin (DOGE) experienced a rapid 30% increase in value after Elon Musk’s Twitter homepage showcased the cryptocurrency’s emblematic Shiba Inu dog logo.
• Koyo platform is working on a billion-dollar launch on the Shibaorum Layer-2 platform.
• Ripple continues to edge closer to an end on its case brought forth by the SEC, a ceremonious occasion that will see XRP prices soar.

Dogecoin Added to the Twitter Homepage

Dogecoin (DOGE) experienced a rapid 30 percent increase in value after Elon Musk’s Twitter homepage showcased the cryptocurrency’s emblematic Shiba Inu dog logo, replacing the platform’s customary blue bird. The switch was hugely celebrated across the crypto community and illustrated Elon Musk’s commitment to see Twitter embrace cryptocurrencies beginning with his favorite digital asset, Dogecoin. With hundreds of millions of users visiting Twitter on a daily basis, Dogecoin received its first official mega publicity since Elon Musk acquired the social media platform for $44 billion in cash last year. Going into the weekend, Twitter had switched back to the classic blue bird which has since seen Dogecoin investors dump. However, Elon Musk’s commitment is unwavering and long-term holders are confident that he will continue to promote and push its adoption to the masses.

Shiba Inu: Billion-$-project is Building on SHIBARIUM

Koyo platform is working on a billion-dollar launch on the Shibaorum Layer-2 platform. It seeks to provide billions of dollars in trading volumes at the Shibarium launch along with massive SHIB burns thereby giving a massive boost to liquidity and tokenomics of SHIB tokensystems post mainnet launch on April 15th.. The project aims at enabling developers who create dapps and interact with smart contracts using Shibarium layer 2 protocol while allowing users access their funds without having gas fees or waiting periods associated with other networks like Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The team behind this initiative have already raised over $1 million from venture capitalists as well as strategic partners who believe that it could be one of this year’s biggest breakthrough projects for DeFi .

VeChain Gains Over 20% Increase

The second largest market cap coin VeChain (VET) gained over 20% increase during last week due to positive news about its enterprise partnerships as well as increasing demand from institutional investors from Asia Pacific region . This surge comes after VeChain Foundation announced new collaboration with DNV GL , one of world’s leading certification bodies , for creating digital assurance solutions for supply chain industry . This move would further cement VeChain’s position as leader in enterprise blockchain space and could benefit VET price significantly going forward .

IOTA Surges 18% During Week

The third largest market cap coin IOTA surged 18% during last week due to announcement of Chrysalis upgrade which would enable IOTA network become more secure , faster and efficient than ever before . This upgrade comes after two years development period by IOTA foundation including testing phase undertaken by leading tech companies such Google Cloud , Microsoft Azure etc which makes sure that systems are running smoothly when put into production environment . With Chrysalis upgrade now live , IOTA can focus more attention towards developing new products such as Data Marketplace 2.0 etc which could benefit ITS price significantly going forward .

Ripple Continues To Edge Closer To SEC Case Resolution

Ripple continues to edge closer toward an end of its case brought forth by US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), a ceremonious occasion when XRP prices are expected to soar higher than ever before given huge amount capital held by company executives & corporations worldwide . While resolution date still remains unknown , Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has been very vocal about resolving matter quickly without any prolonged litigation process given vast potential applications offered by XRP ledger technology such cross border payments settlement etc.