Cardano Reaches 8.06M Native Tokens, 1,000 Projects on ADA Network

• Cardano network has achieved 69.9 million transactions and 8.06 million native tokens
• Hydra heads on mainnet demo is now available, with test framework improvement and other progress
• Marlowe runtime starter kit and documentation is updated, as well as asset preservation theory created

Cardano Network Surges to 8.06 Million Native Tokens

The Cardano network has achieved significant development progress in the month of March, reaching 69.9 million transactions and 8.06 million native tokens in circulation. This marks a major milestone for the blockchain platform, underlining its increasing capabilities for large-scale applications.

Hydra Team Makes Progress Towards Mainnet Demo

The Hydra team has also made notable advancements towards their goal of releasing a mainnet demo version of the platform. The team has improved the test framework and have been running automated tests on various branches, including one with UTXO-HD functionality enabled. Additionally, they have implemented new db-sync options to enhance performance on the network.

Plutus Scripts Increase to 7,546

In addition to this, Plutus scripts have increased to 7,546 on Cardano’s network – 2,000 of which are for Plutus’s second version (V2). This will enable developers to create more intuitive smart contracts through an improved user experience compared to previous versions.

Wallet Development & Documentation Updates

Work continues on Lace desktop wallet development as well as updates being made to Marlowe’s starter kit and documentation – including an asset preservation theory being created. This will provide users with greater security assurances when dealing with digital assets over the blockchain platform.

Over 1,200 Projects Under Development On ADA Network

It is estimated that there are currently 119 projects launched on Cardano’s network while another 1,221 are still being developed – indicating a growing interest from developers worldwide in building decentralized applications on top of Cardano’s blockchain infrastructure.